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Cosmeceutical Formulations and Applications


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Mohd Zul Helmi has a wide knowledge and expert in the field of surfactant chemistry especially related to the preparation of external carrier matrices-based cosmetic products. He currently interested in exploring the field of advanced materials in respect of the use of biomaterials (fishbone or scales) applications via novel carrier matrices or known as nano-encapsulation in pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses. It is due to their intrinsic theoretical interest and numerous technological applications such as pharmaceutical, food industry and medical applications. At the same time he also keen on exploring more about the colloid applications as well on food by-product such as fishbone and natural products towards the green cosmeceutical formulations. The study of thermodynamic properties of micellar solutions is crucial of both practical and fundamental interest. The ability of surfactant micelles to bind or solubilize components in aqueous solutions gives these systems the unique properties responsible for many of the processes.

A brief of his current project:


Green Synthesis of nano-structure modified hydroxyapatite from Sardiniella fimbrata bone as Anodyne UV-filter in nanoemulsions.


The use of sunscreens as protective barriers against DNA damage and illness by absorbing harmful ultraviolet (UV) ray is becoming an increasingly important issue. However, there have been huge concerns on commercial sunscreen regarding potential toxicity of the materials ingredients and adverse environmental effects especially for some marine organisms. In order to obtain more valuable product, hydroxyapatite (HAp) is main component from Sardiniella fimbrata bone which is highly biocompatible material will be modified, utilized and should be tested due to capability act as UV absorber in cosmeceutical applications.




Nanovesicles or nanoemulsion, have great deal of attention in recent decades due to their intrinsic theoterical interst and numerous techonological applications such as in food industry and medical applications. The advantages of using nanovesicles as reaction media is that they have highly interfacial area and therefore, are able to produce substrates with high surface area. Besides that they are able to confine medium with both hydrophillic domain thus, both hydrophillic and lipophillic reactant can be used. The structure of nanovesicles consist of polyhedral droplets and is similar to foams. Such materials posses structural organization at different size ranges; mesopores are templeted by supramolecular aggregates and macropores by the emulsion droplets. In terms of rheological properties, they have high viscosity and stability, hence nanovesicles are able to prevent sedimentation and creaming while reactions take place.

However, the quest to design the novel nanovesicles system that perform high inter facial area is challenging an vital in order for these compound to act as potential fabrication medium for pharmaceutical purposes. Thus nonionic palm-based surfactants like glucopyranoside, dioctyl their ellectrical neautrality which imparts a significantly lower sensitivity to presence of electrolytes in fabrication medium and highly surface area than most surfactants. These characteristics give the palm-based nonionic surfactants such a chemical nature that outperforms other types of surfactants and making them very useful in chemical blends and mixtures.


THE DEVELOPMENT OF SYNERGIA’ HAJJ KIT COSMECEUTICALS: Undoubtedly Halal, Beautiful, Healthy Natural Skincare solution for Hajj Pilgrimage and Umrah Visit.


Beakea frutecence or commonly known as Cucur atap is a common edible herb species of family Mrytaceae that can be found everywhere within South East Asia. Extracts and chemical substances found in this herbal plants very suitable as a natural skin moisturizing ingredients. Active ingredients such as nerolidol and α-pinene are able to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that cause inflammation of the skin such as E.coli, B.substilis, S. aureus and Citrobacter. As the results of our previous studies has proven the high potential of Beackea Frutescence as sources for this Hajj kits skincare product, the production could be up-scaled given good facilities. The scaling-up production of Hajj kit for commercialization purpose, after complete validation of the kit, is highly recommended based on three advantages the kit has to offer as follow:

Local sources of Beackea frutescence provides more econonomical alternative to the existing skincare product. Known as Cucur Atap or scientific name Beackea frutescence, easy to find, as growing wild around the shore. It has leaves that are quite subtle and simple structure of the tree, the tree is located on the privilege of the active ingredient in it which helps reduce skin inflammation.

Skincare products that do not contain steroids and paraben-free, and also use formulations that are specially formulated for sensitive skin that is absolutely not cause any allergies. All products in this kit formulated from nanovesikel and nanohedral technology combined with essential oil extracts from Beackea frutescence that grow wild in Bris area along the coast of Kuala Terengganu. There are also no animal by-products or harmful chemicals as ingredients are uniquely formulated to be alcohol free.

This product has been scientifically proven to help improve skin condition, including repair of dead skin cells and also to strengthen the structure of the epidermal layer of the skin. Besides fast acting under the skin, it also acts as a protective outer skin to prevent dryness and softness impact as little as 24 hours.


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