ICAMB, the Institute of Climate Adaptation and Marine Biotechnology (Formerly known as the Institute of Marine Biotechnology, IMB) was established at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu in 2006, with the aim of developing and excelling in research, innovation and commercialization activities related to the marine field. biotechnology. The establishment of IMB is in line with Malaysia’s National Biotechnology Policy, which consists of systematic and strategic guidelines to exploit the results of biotechnology research to generate economic growth and improve community well-being.

ICAMB (Officially known as IMB) has gone through two phases of development in the past decade; namely “establishment and development phase” and “strengthening and strengthening phase” respectively under the deep and wise leadership of founding director Prof Dr Mohd Effendy bin Wahid and second director Prof Dr Tengku Sifzizul bin Tengku Muhammad. With the trust placed in me by the management of the university, I am responsible for continuing the legacy of forward leaders and leading IMB to the next phase which I have named the “Expansion Phase”.

To implement the “Expansion phase”, we need to carefully plan the expansion journey and strategize how we can continue to leverage the performance of ICAMB (formerly known as the Institute of Marine Biotechnology, IMB) to become a world-renowned institute. I divided the plan into several frameworks to develop

1) workforce and experts,

2) research program,

3) capacity building,

4) infrastructure,

5) local and international research collaboration,

6) product innovation, commercialization and revenue generation and

7) community contributions.

All these frameworks are essential for the sustainable development of research institutes and I believe the boost in the expansion of each part guarantees a leap in bringing ICAMB to a higher level.