Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)

Malaysian Government strengthens the technical collaboration with Japanese Government through the implementation of the fourth SATREPS project entitled The Project For Continuous Operation System For Microalgae Production Optimized For Sustainable Tropical Aquaculture (COSMOS).

The Technical Collaboration Program SATREPS is a bilateral research collaboration under the initiative of Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by Japanese government with developing countries. It aims at promoting research collaboration between the institutions in Japan and the institutions in recipient country towards generating new knowledge that is condusive to resolving global issues and providing capacity building to institutions in recipient country. Record of Discussion (RoD) is signed between the Japanese Government and the Recipient Country’s Government to conclude and strengthen the collaboration formed among the institutions of both countries to ensure the successful implementation of the research project.

Project COSMOS will be undertaken for a period of five years. The objective of this project is to develop an energy-efficient mass-culture system of high value microalgae using recycled nutrients from aquaculture pond sludge. The system produced can be applied in domestic aquaculture industry as a method to enhance the revenue generation and promoting the Good Aquaculture Practices that is environmental friendly.