Core facilities were established to provide crucial support for R&D as well as commercialisation of ideas activities. Researchers and technical staff under core facilities are responsible in overseeing the management of high-end equipments such as GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR as well as three repositories which provide important raw and starting materials for researchers.

Biota Repository

Marine invertebrates collected by IMB diving team and Terrestrial samples collected by IMB sampling team from mangroves, coastal plants and herbal plants

Natural and Synthetic Products Repository

In-house enhanced fractions that are prepared from powdered biota and small molecules produced either from hit fractions or chemical synthesis are stored systematically

Marine Microbes Repository

Various micro-organisms isolated from marine and aquatic resources are identified and systematically stored in this repository.


Marine Bioinformatics System or NABTICS™ has been internally developed to store and manage these data systematically in order to facilitate researchers who are interested in obtaining more information about the samples and materials stored in our repositories.