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Chapter in Book

Chapter in book.

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I ficused my research on the potential of mucosal immunology in small ruminat in protection against respiratory bacteria pathogen (ie: pneumonic pasteurellosis,haemorrhagic septicaemia) result showed that mucosal delivery produced better protection than systemic type of vaccine,easy to administer,time and saving and enviromental friendly. There are other sites of mucosal surfaces in any host that are lining with mucous membrane with similar potential in marine and aquatic animals. Since one of the issues in vaccination is safe ansd sound adjuvant, i also develop novel adjuvant from marine and aquatic resourcesfor oral and intranasal types of vaccine. My involvement with aquatic species started with the pathogenesis studies of Streptococcis infection in Tilapia fish, and microbiological assessment of Vibrio alginolyticus infection in Perna viridis cultivated at open hatchery system in Marudu Bay in Sabah. It is very interesting to learn that the other lower rank animals aquire non-specific immune system armed with the other mechanism i.e. Hsp70 protein to enable them to be more tolerant with stress-related factor. Apart from immunology , my research also expended on searching for bioactive compound from traditional herbs as well as aquatic resources for health purposes i.e. fastening wound healing process, reducing hypercholesterolemia,antibiotic and side effects of the compound to hosts cells.






























  1. Univeristy of South Britanny. (France)
  2. Soka University (Japan)
  3. Heriot-Watt University. (UK)
  4. Cambridge University (London)
  5. Hasanuddin Universitas (Indonesia)
  6. Quebec University (Rimouski), (Canada)
  7. Dalhousie University (Canada)