Prof. Dr.,

BSc. (U Newcastle- Upon-Tyne),

MSc (U. Swansea),

PhD (U. of Cardiff)

Research Interest:

Molecular Ecology, Population Genetics, Molecular Taxonomy – DNA Barcoding, conservation genetics.

Research Programme:






My area of interest is in molecular studies with emphasis on aquaculture and population genetics, mainly of aquatic organisms. Research projects have included investigation of biodiversity in an evolutionary context as well in aquaculture and conservation of freshwater and marine species for management and sustainable fisheries. I am also very interested in the phylogeography and phylogenetics of fishes in this biodiversity hotspot of Southeast Asia. On a regional scale I have completed several projects mainly on fishes to investigate how ancient river connectivity, geographical and anthropogenic signatures have shaped the genetic pattern of these organisms in the Sundaland (Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo and Sumatra) and the Mekong river delta. This has been made possible through collaborative research with colleagues in Vietnam and Thailand. I also have a very keen interest in the global FishBOL initiative to identify all fishes. Currently, I am leading a DNA barcoding project of all commercially important marine fishes in Malaysia and initiating a metagenome approach to identify fish spawning areas. To date we have barcoded > 200 species of marine and freshwater fishes, bivalves, crustacean and echinoderms in the surrounding seas of Malaysia – Straits of Malacca, South China Sea, Sulu Sea and Sulawesi Sea. This DNA barcoding data has applications in food safety and security. I am a council member of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists and Treasurer of ASEAN-Fisheries Education Network (ASEAN-FEN). I am a technical committee member in the initiatives to designate Penang Hill and its Surrounds and the Sungai Merbok Permanent Mangrove Forest as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as well as Gunung Jerai as a National Geopark. These are international programmes for the conservation and management of sites of global prominence.


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BSc., (Newcastle)

PhD. (Swansea)

BSc., (Cardiff)