Please note that the institution addresses the issues of Laboratory safety very seriously. Students will not be allowed to conduct any experiments if the rules and regulations are not obeyed at any given time.

1. All students, must register 7 days before start lab work

2. Do not eat, drink or smoke in the laboratory.

3. Report all accidents, breakages to the Lab Officer as soon as possible.

4.  Label all items clearly, including name, date and contents.

5. All lab users MUST familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures in the laboratory. If in doubt refer to the Lab Officers.

6. All lab users, prior to commencing work, must be properly attired, and lab coats and covered shoes MUST be worn at all times when working in the laboratory.

7.  The institution will NOT be responsible for any damages/losses of the stored samples within the laboratory.

8. Lab users shall not be accompanied by non-registered users at any given time.

9. Lab users are required to acknowledge the Institution of where the actual experiment was carried out in all form of publications (please refer to the lab officers for further details).

These rules will be enforced on a DAILY basis by Lab Officers and staff. Non-conformance WILL result in penalties to the student and, if necessary, more serious disciplinary procedures.