Advancing Marine Biotechnology for Ecosystems and Societal Well Being


The International Conference of Marine Biotechnology (i-CoMB) 2022 is hosted by UMT-OUC Joint Academic Centre for Marine Studies, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and co-hosted by Ghent University, Belgium.  i-CoMB 2022 provides a platform to exchange knowledge in marine biotechnology to address the betterment of marine ecosystems and societal well beings.

The theme for i-CoMB 2022 is “Advancing marine biotechnology for ecosystems and societal well beings”. The topic is particularly important globally where it plays a significant role in sustaining and uplifting the marine ecosystems which could benefit the societal development and well-being. The conference highlighted 5 important scopes in marine biotechnology, which are microbial biotechnology, natural products from marine bioresources, climate change and marine organism adaptation, systems biology, and immune and molecular therapeutics.

Our goal is to promote science and new ideas by addressing existing and evolving challenges in our marine environment as well as providing solutions for the well-being of marine ecosystem and society through the advancement of marine biotechnology.

We acknowledge your contribution in the area of Marine.  Submit your abstracts for oral presentation to share your achievements in the fields of Marine Biotechnology.


Climate change and marine organism adaptation
– Adaptation, sustainable development, acclimatization, climate change, resilience

Immune and molecular therapeutics
– Fish diseases, toxin, antibiotics, molecular immunology

Microbe environment and biotechnology
– Microbes, symbiotic, enzymatic, microalgae, anti-biofouling, viruses

Natural products from marine bioresources
– Feed nutrients, pre/probiotics, marine functional, specialty chemical, compound

Systems biology
– Marine genomics, bioinformatics, biology machine learning, genetic response networks, synthetic biology