Advanced Training in DNA Barcoding and Introduction to Environmental DNA (eDNA) Metabarcoding for Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation

Date :

10 - 12 Oct 2023



Our ecosystems harbour immense biodiversity, which supply the basic materials for human well-being including food and medicine. Unfortunately, due to natural and anthropogenic disturbances, their very survival is under threat. Thus, the monitoring of this biodiversity is vital towards their conservation and management especially in the face of detrimental climate change effects. Precise taxonomic identification is critical for the development of a sustainable management program for any species, be it of ecologically or economically importance. Identifying adult whole specimens is usually straightforward through established taxonomic keys. However, many species closely resemble each other. On the other hand, a single species also often varies in physical appearance as they progress through their different life stages. Furthermore, identifying fragmentary or processed remains poses a bigger challenge since the original characteristics have been transformed beyond recognition or are missing. 

Advanced Training

This workshop aims to provide comprehensive training on the use of the DNA barcoding methoda molecular technique to complement and address some of the challenges in morphological identification. It is recognised as the gold standard in molecular taxonomy. Participants will also be introduced to the more advanced technique of environmental DNA or eDNA, which allows detection of species through traces of tissue particles they release in the environment without the need for direct sampling of the organisms.

Advanced Training

This 3 days workshop will cover the theory and practical aspects of DNA barcoding and eDNA through the following hands-on and theory topics

  • Biodiversity sampling and sample processing
  • Laboratory procedures: DNA extraction, PCR, etc.
  • DNA barcoding and phylogenetic analyses
  • Introduction to environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding and Full Length Amplicon Sequencing.

There will be a special dialogue session among participants and APICAL Scientific, one of the foremost molecular service providers, moving forward towards collaborative research.

Speakers/ Facilitators

Prof. Dr. Siti Azizah Mohd Nor (UMT)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Min Pau (UMT)

Dr. Tun Nurul Aimi Mat Jaafar (UMT)

Dr. Norfatimah Mohd Yunus (UiTM)

Dr. Sebastien Lavoue (USM)

Dr. Jamsari Amirul Firdaus Jamaludin (USM)

Dr. Danial Hariz Zainal Abidin (USM)

Dr. Kamal Ghazali (Apical Scientific)

Mr. Liew Yee Sen (Apical Scientific)

Ms Masazurah Ab Rahim (IPP, Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia )

Ms. Noorul Azliana Jamaluddin (IPP, Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia)

Ms. Norli Fauzani Abu Hassan Alshari (UMT)

Ms. Noorhani Syahida Kasim (UMT)

Ms Nur Ilham Syahadah Mohd Yusoff (UMT)

Ms. Siti Zafirah Ghazali (UMT)

Contact Person

  • Prof. Dr. Siti Azizah Mohd Nor – 012-4765786
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Min Pau – 016-4115900


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