Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) is a leading university in the niche area of ocean studies and aquatic resources. Located in a mangrove-lined shore fronting the South   China Sea, UMT is well-positioned to take on the research and development (R&D) programmes related to her niche area. This will, in turn, drive the sustainable harnessing of vast natural resources from the ocean and other aquatic sources which is vital for wealth creation and nation building.

Based on those priorities, the Institute of Marine Biotechnology (IMB) was  established in in 2006 to spearhead the R&D&C activities in the area of marine biotechnology. IMB’s establishment is in line with the country’s  effort to develop biotechnology as one of the core sectors to generate economic growth and enhance societal well-being in accordance to the National Biotechnology Policy.

We welcome collaborations from other institutions that share similar interests to discover more R&D opportunities and propel marine biotechnology research to greater heights.


To spearhead the exploration of new resources through  sustainable management by merging expertise and     advanced biotechnology applications.


To be a reputable research institute and reference  centre for marine biotechnology at the national level and respected globally.

IMB focuses on five over-arching focus areas to ensure we meet the standards of R&D&C activities of more established biotechnology-based institutes. Our thrust into R&D has seen the establishment of five research programmes;

(1) Natural and Synthetic Products; (2) Immune and Molecular Therapeutics, (3) Applications of Marine Resources (4) Bioinformatic, and (5) Bioproduct that serve as platforms for researchers to  carry out their research interests.

More importantly, five multi-disciplinary-based research projects using the expertise of researchers from all the three research programmes have been identified to boost IMB’s reputation as a respected marine biotechnology research institute.

In addition, core facilities were set-up to support research programmes, which include high-end equipments and three repositories that provide important raw and starting materials for researchers. The up-to-date facilities also enable us to offer research-related services as part of our commercialisation activities.


In order to archieve our vision and mission, IMB will concentrate on the following five focus area:


As IMB strive to be at the forefront of new knowledge in marine biotechnology, R&D will be the backbone of our thrust forward. The research-based outcomes will function as strong foundations for IMB in getting the recognitions from our peers as well as in moving forward in other areas such as networking and commercialisation.


Collaborations and knowledge sharing will be greatly boosted by efficient    networking, therefore, we will focus on networking with the relevant institutes and organisations. This will ensure that our standards remain high as we can set our benchmark to those of more established institutes and enable us to acquire new and complementary knowledge and technology.


We provide and maintain state-of-the art facilities for marine biotechnology  research at par with other reputable research centres.


From time to time, our researchers will undergo training  attachments and workshops to keep them abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. In turn, this will keep IMB at par with the world’s best  research institutes in terms of standards and technical knowhow. On the other hand, IMB also provide training and academic     programmes for external and in-house researchers as well as postgraduate   students, respectively.


The commercialisation of products and ideas that come from our R&D will help us gain some revenues as well as speeding up their real world applications for better socio-economic impact.