Marine Sampling

Biological diversity of marine organisms offers an overwhelming diversity of compounds and, therefore, produces higher hits of active secondary metabolites as compared to terrestrial plants. Research in marine drug discovery is always hindered with limited access of marine organisms made available to researchers. Therefore, it is important for a coordinated sampling activities to be carried out to collect the marine organisms in sustainable manner in order to ensure minimal disturbace is introduced to their habitats and ecosystem.

Pulau Bidong

Bidong island is the main area of sampling. sampling to Bidong island held every month to meet the needs of biota. Each sampling undertaken will focus on new species for this purpose. Date and time of sampling will be determined by the committee sampling. During 2016 until September, more than 10 sampling was carried out. Among the samples are brought back several species of sea cucumber, and sponge which is the main focus for this year’s IMB Biota.

Pulau Langkawi

Sampling to Langkawi island is an annual sampling program. This year, sampling at the Langkawi Island focus on species of sea cucumber.  Two species have been identified that have the potential were found on the island of Langkawi. Among the species that potentially is a kind of sea cucumber called Bronok by local people.




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Marine Sampling IMB 2016